Industry Walk 2024 Exhibition, UAEU

Almasa Environmental Solutions proudly participated in the ‘Industry Walk’ exhibition at UAEU University, marking a significant stride in our educational outreach efforts. This event served as an ideal platform to enlighten and engage with students, professionals, and environmentally-conscious individuals about the latest advancements in wastewater treatment.

Our Star of the Show: Almasa Monyin® MBR

The cornerstone of our exhibition was the Almasa Monyin® MBR technology – a breakthrough in the field of water treatment. We took this opportunity to delve into the workings of this technology, illustrating how its innovative membrane, with 100-nanometer pores, achieves a filtration precision up to 500 times greater than traditional methods. This advancement is not just about purifying water but revolutionizing the way we approach water scarcity and reuse.

During the exhibition, we focused on educating attendees about the working principles of our Monyin® MBR system. This advanced technology seamlessly integrates biological treatment with membrane filtration, resulting in the production of high-quality treated water suitable for various applications, including agricultural irrigation and safe drinking water.

Locally produced MBR

By locally producing every component of the MBR system, Almasa has made this technology more accessible and affordable in the region. Our commitment to quality and reliability is underpinned by our team of highly trained technical staff, ensuring the continuous optimal performance of our systems.

Thanks for Joining Us!

To all who joined us, engaged in discussions, and expanded their knowledge at the exhibition, we extend our heartfelt gratitude. Your enthusiasm and curiosity truly enrich our mission. For those who could not attend, we invite you to explore the details of our innovative water treatment solutions. Together, let us continue to pioneer in water conservation and transform the landscape of water treatment

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