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Almasa Environmental Solutions, recognized as wastewater treatment experts, firmly believes in reimagining the concept of waste.. Our primary mission revolves around water recycling, and to fulfill this commitment, we proudly present the first locally-produced “Hollow-Fiber Membranes (Membrane Bioreactor)” in the UAE.

Our overarching mission is to pioneer environmentally friendly technology, ensuring the provision of clean and sustainable water solutions not only within the UAE but throughout the broader Middle East region.

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Our Almasa Monyin® MBR technology stands out for its integration of a semipermeable membrane featuring fine 100-nanometer pores, achieving a remarkable 500-fold increase in filtration precision compared to traditional filters. This advanced Membrane Bio-Reactor seamlessly combines biological treatment with membrane filtration, delivering exceptionally high-quality treated water suitable for a range of applications, from irrigation to drinking water production.

Almasa Hollow-Fiber Membranes Rank (MBR)

Exceptional high-quality wastewater treatment

The Almasa MBR system offers superior wastewater treatment, enhancing BOD, COD, and TSS levels, underlining our commitment to treating every drop of water as precious. Utilizing advanced technology and expertise, we strive to ensure our customers can fully utilize and conserve this essential resource efficiently.

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Products and Services

At Almasa Environmental Solutions, we offer advanced products for environmental challenges, including process equipment, wastewater treatment plants, wastewater treatment systems, and non-conventional energy solutions. Our sustainable and cost-effective solutions deliver exceptional value to our customers.

  • Sewage Treatment Plant

    Compact and Efficient Package Wastewater Treatment: Transforming Polluted Water into Sustainable Solutions for Communities

  • Effluent Treatment Plant

    Revolutionizing Carwash Sustainability: Carwash Effluent Treatment for Sustainable Water Reuse and Environmental Protection.

  • Concrete Wastewater Treatment

    GCC patented Concrete Wastewater Treatment Plant, utilizing acid-free technology for eco-friendly, efficient neutralization of alkaline wastewater.

  • Monyin® MBR

    Hollow-Fiber Membrane Bioreactor - A Revolutionary Leap in High-Efficiency Water Treatment and Wastewater Recycling.

  • Greywater Treatment system

    Transforming Greywater through Comprehensive Treatment Systems for Safe Non-Potable Reuse

  • Reverse Osmosis System

    Ultra-Efficient Reverse Osmosis System: Experience Unmatched Water Purity with Our State-of-the-Art Filtration Technology for your industry.

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    Almasa Environmental Solutions LLC has been dedicated to providing high-quality environmental products and services since 2006, and we are proud to celebrate our 17th anniversary this year. We have built a strong reputation for delivering exceptional customer service, and our commitment to quality has earned us a loyal customer base in the business world.


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