Sewage Treatment Plant​

Compact Wastewater Treatment Solutions for Community and Environmental Well-being

A package wastewater treatment plant cleans water for small to medium areas like camps or residential buildings. It works by removing dirt and harmful substances from the water, making it safe to use again or release back into the environment.

These plants are compact, affordable, and easy to install and maintain. Choosing a reputable company is crucial to ensure the water is thoroughly cleaned and contributes to environmental protection.

STOP using Tanker Disposal

Move Beyond Tanker Disposal

In the UAE, relying on sewage tanker disposal is no longer a viable option due to the escalating costs and the fact that it ultimately ends up in government-designated landfill sites. As a more sustainable and cost-effective alternative, Almasa’s package sewage treatment plant presents an innovative solution. By adopting this approach, you can start recycling your wastewater, turning it into an environmental win.

The Almasa system allows the repurposing of sewage wastewater into clean, recycled water suitable for various applications such as construction, cleaning, toilet flushing, and landscaping. This not only helps in conserving precious water resources but also contributes significantly to environmental protection and sustainability.

Diagram of Sewage treatment plant. Benefits and usage.


Equipped with MBR technology

Our sewage treatment services are now enhanced with the cutting-edge Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) technology, surpassing traditional Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) systems in efficiency and effectiveness. MBR technology utilizes an advanced filtration membrane with pore sizes ranging from 40-100 nanometers, significantly improving filtration accuracy by 500 times over conventional filters.

This process not only simplifies the treatment procedure but also contributes to a more sustainable and eco-friendly operation by reducing chemical usage. With MBR technology, our sewage treatment service offers an unparalleled level of purification, setting a new standard in wastewater treatment efficiency.

Water Quality Comparison of Membrane Bioreactor (MBR), Moving Bed Bioreactor (MBBR), and Raw Water

Treatment capacity from 4m³ up to 3000m³ per day

Treated water quality meets U.A.E Municipality Irrigation Standards

Zero Investment and Monthly Rental is Optiona

Save Money, Save Water

Our sewage water treatment plant is suitable for a wide range of industries, saves money, and recycles water for further application 

• Residentials 

• Camps

• Industrials

• Institutional

• Commercials

Zero investment and monthly rental options are available for this sewage treatment package, These flexible options ensure that everyone can recycle their water, contributing to environmental sustainability and resource conservation.

Sewage Treatment Package in UAE.

Almasa MBR STP Specification

Sewage treatment plant capacity and total power.

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